Falling Plates

Falling Plates
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Review by: Howard Crutsinger
Date: Tuesday 26 February, 2013
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Video depiction of the Gospel message. A 4 minute short film about life, death and love of a savior.

Twitter post: "Basically left every person in my church in tears. Watch it."
Facebook comment: "The greatest short film I've ever seen."
An atheist's comment: "Saw this on Facebook from one of those 'Christian friends' - clicked it expecting to see another lame, corny, video. Was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and visceral this video was. Not corny at all. Really simple, really well done."

Endorsements: "What a genius display of the Gospel!" "In a word, BEAUTIFUL... innovative, relevant & compelling presentation..."

That is how the new video, Falling Plates, is being described in reviews around the nation. Falling Plates is an evangelistic tool any ministry can use in their direct work with others and in evangelism online through social networks. View #FallingPlates, then through social media pass the link on to others and watch God work. Help create a viral movement.


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