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Review by: phil Sawatsky
Date: Tuesday 29 November, 2011
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Several of these films have had some sort of impact on my life, especially the films "Amazing" and "My Last Day".

"Amazing"impacted me by teaching wordlessly about evangelism and acting as a point of prayer and excitement, reminding me of God's ability to "open the sea" (perform miraculous rescues for us) as He has in my life many times to save me from my sinful nature and the poor choices I have erroneously made.

"My Last Day" has had an impact o the way I see the future of media going: multiple languages being used from the "Jesus Film" (; the ability to substitute for a new 'visual language' in order to reach new ground for the One who holds us all together; the reality that some of our tangents inn life are more than redeemable, even they are cause for us to more greatly love the One who forgives - not that we should seek tangents in order to be given more grace, but that we might choose to allow the life tangents we've unwittingly chosen to be redeemed as well.

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