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Training Filmmakers in the Art of Short Film 

GSFN coaches filmmakers, particularly outside North America, on how to craft stories that speak to their culture via short films.

Through a 7-10 day film school experience, GSFN teaches filmmakers worldwide how to create powerful stories that communicate to their own cultures. This intensive training will equip them on how to develop a compelling film script that bridges to deeper spiritual discussions. They will learn to make short films that create interaction rather than simply providing entertainment. We will help partcipants to adapt universal principles of storytelling and apply it to thier culture.
The training is designed for the people who want to be involved with the making of short films. This includes those who run the camera, direct the production and orchestrate the overall process.

Short Film Trainings:

   Ukraine 2012  

   Canada 2012    

   Australia December 2011 

   New Zealand 2011

   Australia May 2011    

   Kenya 2010     

   Caribbean 2010  

   Egypt 2010   

   Orlando 2007