• Kenya Short Film Training
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Kenya Short Film Training
In August of 2010, a short introduction film training was held in Kenya over 4 days. From that introduction film training, students could apply to come to a more in depth 10 day traininig in January 2011. 24 students attended the Kenya Short Film Training in January 2011. The students split into 3 teams to write, produce, and edit their own short films.







We believe that this flight school will serve as a foundation for future ministry and partnership in Kenya and Africa.  Our partners are committed to making films that will open the doors to ministry with new and diverse audiences and we believe that Nairobi and connections that our partners there have with the film industry will enable them to not only succeed in the future, but be able to multiply our efforts by continuing to produce films and train others to do the same in a manner consistent with our ministry philosophy.


Student Made Film

Students broke into teams to create their own short films. Here is one of those films: