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Why Host a Film Festival


     The purpose of a GSFN Film Festival is to create a new way to experience deeper conversations with others. It engages your friends through the power of story as they share their own stories in a natural and inviting way. 

     As you know, today’s generation is centralizing communication using various methods of audio & visual media.  Therefore, if we truly want to connect friends and family by sharing our own personal experiences, we should take advantage of the means of communication that are most natural among this generation.  A Film Festival is just that: an opportunity to create a natural and comfortable environment where you are able to talk about deeper things with people in your life. 

    These films touch on themes that are common to all of us. You could simply interact over that theme, and it would be a great discussion. You could choose to tell more of your own story along that theme.

     I encourage you for the steps you are taking in your desire to engage others.  The process of watching a film is an easy one that you will quickly see can be used effectively. Have fun listening to others’ stories!

                        We’d love to help you anyway we can,

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