• How to Download Films
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To download the films:

1) Select a film from the "browse short films" page and click "view film."


2) On the right side of the page under "ordering information", click "media device" if you want to use it for an iPod/iPhone.
The "hi-quality" option is better for showing on a big screen or iPad.


3) Click “Add to cart” and you will be taken to the "Your Shopping Cart" page.


4) On the bottom right of the shopping cart page, click “Checkout.”


5) Create an account or sign with your account information.



6) On the bottom right of the page click “Review Order.”

7) Click “Agree to Terms of Use” at the bottom & click “Confirm order.”


8) Click the “download” button to begin your download. 

9) Once the film is downloaded, you can copy it to your device via iTunes or other methods supported by your device.