• Caribbean Short Film Training
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Caribbean Short Film Training
In January 2010, after much planning and  several delays, 18 students and Campus Crusade for  Christ staff members from Barbados, Curaçao, Haiti,  Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad, Antigua and Surinam came together in Trinidad for an eight day intensive  training to give flight to their dreams. 

            Global Short Film Network (GSFN), a ministry  of The JESUS Film Project®, facilitated the eight day  Caribbean Flight School Training. The aspiring  filmmakers learned basic skills for taking a film project from idea to reality on the screen—and produced three short films to connect with their respective audiences.







“Man, this short film strategy really works!... Thanks again so much for all your help and for making it possible for us to be able to create and use short film as an outreach strategy."

-Maggie Beekee

Student Made Film
Students broke into teams to create their own short films. Here is one of those films: