• Voodoo and Easter?
  • Monday, April 2nd, 2012
  • Author: GSFN
  • Category: Blog
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Voodoo and Easter? Could two things be more dissimilar? A bit unsettling, this movie unexpectedly shows the Good News of Good Friday:


What motivates a person to sacrifice himself for others? Even your small, daily "deaths" of self-sacrifice are stories worth celebrating as we renew our minds with a better perspective of life and living it well.

Don't you think the first Easter was even more unsettling for everyone? Regardless if you were a supporter or opponent of Jesus, the unexpected turns of events had to be disorienting. First the reality of his death seems incomprehensible to the whirlwind of the previous 3 years. Then, that reality is shattered by a new incomprehensible reality—his being raised from the dead. Unsettling is an understatement.
"the world turned upside-down" is a more apt description, don't you think?