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  • Puzzle Piece (A Bigger Story)
  • Wednesday, February 15th, 2012
  • Author: GSFN
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Movies are puzzles. Each fragment of a film’s story, from character to setting, is a puzzle piece that needs to be placed in its correct spot for the whole picture to be effectively seen by an audience. Recently I helped co-write a script for a short film that we made here at work and experienced myself the fear and rush of creating a story that is actually worth telling. Before we began to put pen to paper we decided we wanted to reveal a character flaw that is experienced in today’s generation, the craving of acceptance. In the process of creating the main character, I quickly found myself putting thoughts and ideas into his head that I actually have thought myself. I was revealing bits and pieces of my own psyche through a fictional character. I simply want to be accepted- by my family, co-workers, and friends. The scenario we threw this character into, I personally never have been through, but this underlying theme I have battled since middle school and I’m almost 23 still battling it.  I could be this character.


It occurred to me that my life is a story. Each year, everyday, this very hour, this exact moment, is a puzzle piece that is playing into the bigger story of my life. It’s a simple notion, a puzzle, but it is a very true one. There are billions upon billions of totally different stories that are walking around this giant rock we call earth right this very second. Millions of puzzle pieces are being placed down this very moment. Our whole lives are mini movies. From birth to death, our screenplay was planned out and written long before we took our first breathe as the protagonist. 
A reassuring concept to take from this is that it’s ok not to know the ending of this movie we call life. The ultimate Screenwriter, the Creator of story itself, in His own magnificent timing, is laying down the correct pieces in their right spots in all of our stories.
Joe Poe

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