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  • Backdoor Friends Are Best
  • Friday, October 7th, 2011
  • Author: GSFN
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Back Door Friends Are Best

Ever seen this sign? It's usually hung near the backdoor in someone's home. In our home growing up, our back door was right off the kitchen. So, it wasn't uncommon for my neighborhood friends to just show up at the backdoor and be invited in to join us at the table for dinner or dessert.Backdoor friends are always welcome.

Like a welcomed visitor, stories have a way of doing this. They communicate an idea in an informal way that lets the listener relax and take in the message. Well-told short films (visual stories, really) allow us to become "backdoor friends" with whomever we're talking. We are not a front door salesman convincing them to buy something based on selling points.
We've dropped the "pitch" and are simply connecting both mind and heart on a theme that resonates deep within all of us. By listening to their story, and telling of our own journey along this theme, we get invited into a more intimate conversation around the "kitchen table" of their lives. Then comes the best part where we tell how the "good news of the Kingdom of God" is restoring us along that shared theme.

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