• Australia Short Film Training December 2011
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Australia Short Film Training

Australia Short Film Training took place in Melbourne, Australia on December 5 - December 14, 2011 in partnership with CCC Australia. There were 18 students from Thailand, Figi, Philippines, and Australia. The students' ages ranged from 17 to 60. They spent ten days learning what most people would learn in four years about film. Our hope is that the students take what they learned back to their country and to use short films in ministry. 

 SFT Australia

SFT Australia

SFT Australia

A student describes his experiences...

"During the short film school, we were taught how to use short films in reaching others for Christ. We learnt that everyone can resonate with stories and that through short films; this ‘new device’ was more relevant to this generation, our generation.We went on to learn how we could make short films and that was really exciting because I could already imagine doing one of those here in Fiji. We were encouraged to do this because each culture and society has its own heart beat that it relates to."

-Biu, Student at Short Film Training
Student Made Film

Students broke into three teams and wrote, shot, and edited their own short films. Here is one of those films.