• Questions About Short Film Downloads
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Which formats are available for download?

The short films are currently available in High and Low resolution MP4 (H.264) format.

Can I forward the short film I downloaded to other people?

No. However, you may click on the “E-Mail to a Friend” link by each film to share the short film with them, or use the Twitter or Facebook links to share the short film within your social network. Then they can download 

How long do I have to download my short film?

You have an unlimited amount of time in which you are able to download each film.

I have completed my order, where do I go to download my short film?

You have immediate access to your downloads from your account online. Log in to your account and click on the corresponding order to access the download links. 

I did not receive an e-mail confirmation for my short film(s). 

The e-mail receipt could have been caught in your spam filter or folder. You can log into your account, choose the order and re-print another copy of your receipt.

The link in the e-mail I received does not work.

If you are having problems with the link, please contact us through the contact page on the website.

How long should it take to download my file?

It depends on the speed of your internet connection. Dial-up and some international users will experience longer download times.

What should I do if my download file stopped before finishing?

You can try to download it again. If you are having problems first check your internet connection and then try again. If the problem persists, please contact us.

I’m having trouble using my short film with my iTunes/iPod/iPhone/iPad.

We offer an iPod/Media device version to add to your iTunes library. To transfer the short film to your iTunes/iPod/iPhone/iPad, first make sure that you have downloaded the media device version from your account.
Then, follow these steps:

  1. In iTunes, choose “Add to Library…” from the “File” menu.
  2. Find the iPod short film that you downloaded from the store under the movies section. In iTunes 11 they will show up under "home videos" at the center of the top of the iTunes window.
  3. If your iPod automatically updates all movies when you plug it into your computer, then the short film will automatically load itself onto your short film iPod. If you manually update your iPod when it is plugged into your computer, simply drag and drop the short film that you would like to load to your iPod from the iTunes library onto your iPod.
  4. Make sure you’ve checked the Sync Movies box on iTunes>iPod>Movies tab or if you don't sync all movies, check the box next to the short films you want to sync.